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Ann Z. Granicz, DMD, PC
1320 West Bloomfield Road Suite B
Bloomington, IN 47403
(812) 822-1196


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"This office is absolutely great. The staff is super nice. I have five children and brought all of them with us to the appointment and it was no big deal. They had snacks for them and things for the little ones to do. Highly recommend this office." -D'Ann T.


"Have been taking my oldest Zachary for his braces and have had nothing but a wonderful experience. He has to get up early so he can make it to school on time but he does not mind and I love the early hours. The staff is always awsome and makes you feel very welcome too." - Paul S.


"Very nice place. Very friendly and helpful staff!" -Bryane B.


"Friendly and fun staff! And most reasonably priced around!" -Debbie I

"Great value. My kids have enjoyed getting their ortho work here" -Brandy 


"The staff is awesome. Super nice! I haven't had any issues . Love them ." -Myranda G


"My daughter has been going a few months now and the staff is very informative and helpful on providing us everything we need during this time. I am very happy at the time management there. We get in and get out. We have never sat in an "waiting room" wondering if we were forgotten about. They treat us like friends and family there and that is refreshing." -Troy A


"New to G Orthodontics, but the few times I have been in the office I have been impressed. Very clean, nice environment with lots of smiling faces and kind hearts! Looking forward to my newly starting journey with G Orthodontics." -Lindcoya F


"Excited to get my braces today, One of the best orthodontist In Bloomington, the Environment is very Welcoming and the staff are Very professional and Friendly." -Precious M


"Been here for almost 2 years and it's been a wonderful experience! The staff are the nicest! I'd recommend this orthodontist to anyone!" -Taylor M


"They are seriously the most amazing orthodontist! I have only been there 2 times but they make you feel so welcomed! And they are all really nice there! Can't wait to have an awesome experience with you guys!" -Kaitlynn S


"I love Dr. Ann! She has been so helpful and explains everything so well. The payments are very affordable. Everywhere else I checked were a crazy amount. I love my teeth so far!" -Haley W


"I strongly recommend g Orthodontics. After recently completing treatment as an adult, I can attest to the doctor's expertise and the entire staff's efforts to make a somewhat challenging experience as pleasant as possible. Prior to selecting g Orthodontics, I had initial consultations with two other local orthodontists. Dr. Granicz gave me a beautiful smile in half the estimated times, for a fraction of the estimated prices. She took the time to explain her approach as it differed from the other two opinions I received, in that it was not a matter of forcing my teeth to conform to some standardized idea of perfection, but of finding the perfect treatment for me. I have had such a positive experience that I will be taking my daughter in for treatment, as soon as her pediatric dentist tells me she is ready."-Leslie T


"Today I went for the free consultation and I was pleased with the professionalism of the staff. Everyone was really nice and polite, very thorough, and answered all of my questions before I was able to ask them. 

Unfortunately even though their pricing is very fair, it's still a little out of my budget. Orthodontic work is obviously going to be a bit expensive regardless where you go. However, their payment plans make it easy to work with them. 

Although I cannot afford the work I need, I will say, if I was to ever get any orthodontic work, this would definitely be the place I'd feel comfortable about going through." -Jeremy R


"Dr. Ann not only does a fantastic job with our son's smile, but is also so sweet & easy going. She builds a wonderful rapport with both her patients and their families. I would recommend her and her staff to anyone!" -Julie F

"We feel very confident with Dr. G's knowledge of orthodontics and the office staff is amazing!! It's actually fun to go to the bright office and interact with all the great people...not to mention getting the best care!" - Jennifer P


Great experience and the staff made Hannah feel comfortable when she was a little nervous. Would highly recommend." - Dawna W.



"Dr. G and her staff are the best. I wouldn't trust my children's teeth with anyone else. Very professional, friendly and above all affordable. Her office is beautiful and clean. What more could you ask for out of an orthodontist! Thanks Dr. G!!" - Kimberly C.


"We are only beginning a long journey, but could not imagine doing it with any other team. Dr. G and Abbey treat Gracie so well and they put up with my jokes and shenaningans. Thank you....seriously!" - Mike H.


"Comfortable and trendy setting, incredible patient care for someone with a panic disorder." - Olivia W. 

"They are patient with young children, gentle, and they always have a way for you to pay. No matter how big the price, they have a variety of payment plans for you to choose from. They always strive to make your experience the best. Will continue to look forward to my appointments!" - Lea H.

"Great environment and patient care for someone with a panic disorder. I feel like I'm getting a therapeutic re-do for the experience I had with braces as a child." - Olivia W.

"Very clean and very inviting!! Great place and very affordable for my husband." Keila B.


"Have 2 kids in braces with Dr G - she is very professional and doing a great job with their teeth!" - Jennifer G.


"Dr. G is my wife Elsie's provider and she is hands down the best DMD I have ever witnessed! Her office is bright and cheerful ( a plus if your coming here for your kids treatment!). For the parents or adult patients there is free coffee and snacks (the snacks are variable but she made a coffee cake one time that was awesome!). To top it all off Dr. G is enthusiastic about her patients and she actually takes the time to chit chat about stuff other than dentistry thereby establishing a bond one might share with a friend. In short five stars and a huge high five for Dr G. and her assistants!" -Andrew H.


"We love being at Dr. G. She is great with my little girl, she understands her and us. She knows how to deal with my daughter's medical issues." -Jon S.


"Such a great place to bring your family! My daughter is getting braces today!" -Maria S.


"Five stars and then some! Dr G. is the best DMD I have ever seen (sounds over stated but seriously its my honest opinion). The office is inviting and cheerful (a plus for parents with children that might not like dentists) plus she has free coffee for the parents or adult patients (this is a big plus because as a college student coffee is its own food group). It might sound cheesy but going to see Dr G is like an experience outside of the normal drab dentist appt. She is enthusiastic and friendly. To put it simply; leave your DMD and rush over to Dr. G! High five doc!" -Andrew H.


"Great experience for my son. Pleasant atmosphere helped calm the nerves. I recommend G!" - Eric Q.


"Great experience for my son who received braces today. I would enthusiastically recommend G Orthodontics for their pleasant atmosphere that helped calm the nerves for both patient and family. Came very well recommended and lived up to their reputation. Very professional and cost was lower than two other consultations in the local area." - Eric Q.


"G Orthodontics is the way to go! Today I got my braces on and there was no pain felt whatsoever! They are gentle and the most patient with children compared to past orthodontics.Everybody is friendly and knows your name right on the spot! They have a very open range of payment options and dates. Two thumbs up!!!" - Lea H.

"Dr. G and the staff have been SOOOO patient with my little guy during the start of his PRE-orthodontic work. He has been very scared and very emotional about the whole process but they have treated him with nothing but kindness and gentleness. We also found out that he is a gagger and a puker while getting impressions and they were so sweet, patient and helpful! Because of that my son is becoming less anxious with each visit! Thank you so much for all you've done so far. We've got a long road ahead!"- Anna G 

"g Orthodontics is awesome. Dr.Granicz is extremely knowledgeable and personable. The environment is friendly, clean, and comfortable. Her staff, Emily and Abbey are wonderful, they even helped me to find insurance coverage I didn't even know I had! All in all a great experience, I recommend them 100%." - Tyler B.

"Extremely happy with our initial visit. ..very friendly, fun atmosphere."- Matt H.

"Dr. G's staff is wonderful! If you're an adult getting ortho treatment, this is the office for you .. and kids too. They have made my treatment very comfortable, I was very nervous about getting braces at 45 years old, but Dr. G and her staff have made my transition to braces a pleasent experience." - Jodi S.


"Very friendly & comfortable atmosphere. The staff is always very helpful & informative. So glad we chose Dr. G for our boys' orthodontic care!"- Emily N. 

"My daughter Allison had been excited as well as hesitant when it came to getting her braces. Allison is on the autism spectrum and I was concerned with her ability to tolerate having them put on. She has sensory issues and my fingers were crossed that she could tolerate the procedure. It was crazy hat day at the office the day of her appt, and I must say, my hat is off to all in the office. The patience and encouragement......and the patience they displayed with my daughter was amazing. In the past at other facilities, we have been asked to leave because of her noncompliance or figgityness. Not Dr. G. The staff stuck with her and encouraged her along the way, and did not make her feel bad about her sensory issues she cannot control. So, A million thank yous! if you have a child on the spectrum or any child for that matter, Dr G is your go to orthodontist!! Highly recommend!!" -Cheryl B.

"I am so glad we found Dr. G! My son is young, and he has Asperger's Syndrome. Having dental work has never pleasant for him, but I have been amazed at how well he has done with Dr. G and her staff! On Monday he got braces, and a palatal expander. He was more calm and relaxed than I have ever seen him! It was not a simple job, but the kindness and patience show by everyone at Dr. G's is going to ensure that my son has a beautiful, healthy smile!" -Abigail W.

"Love this place. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. They make you feel very comfortable and relaxed. Super friendly staff. We love going there. So glad we chose g Orthodontics for our experience." -Jeff B.

"Great staff!! really willing to work with you on payments and appt. Really pleased!" - Leanna H.

"g Orthodontics is a very professional and friendly practice. My son got braces there last fall and is doing great. The staff is very good with kids. Dr. G keeps you informed on the progress and treatment plan. We are very satisfied with the service and would highly recommend g Orthodontics to anyone looking to improve their smile." -Rhonda M.

"I just got my braces on great job they did not hurt at all, already helps thanks" - Kole H.

"Great place. Really nice and will offer several payment options." -Leanna H.

"I recommend Dr. G and her staff for orthodontic care. The office is a comfortable, friendly environment with a hip d├ęcor. We are always greeted with a smile as soon as we walk in the door. Appointments run on time and Dr. G and her staff take the time to explain what they will be doing during the appointment. I also appreciate their help with the insurance claims. Thanks Dr. G., Elena, and Abby!" -Cindy & Tyrel

"We chose this orthodontist for the convenientlocation but are very pleased with the awesome staff & orthodontist. Unbelievable how many questions they have answered for me & both boys getting braces w/o becoming impatient! Very glad we chose this place!" -Emily N.

"Our experience at Dr. Granicz's office has been fantastic! The staff makes you feel right at home from the second you come in the door and they let you know exactly what to expect at each visit. Our daughter loves her new braces and she has no complaints about the experience. Highly recommend!" - Jayson T.

"I had my braces put on today by Dr. G. I would recommend Dr. G and her staff, they have made this entire process painless, the time/effort they took getting my insurance approval. Thank you Dr. G and Elena!" - Jodi S.

"Took my daughter to G Orthodontics today to have her braces put on. This place is awesome. Great staff that make you feel comfortable and at home. Would recommend this place 110%." - Denise B.

"Our 9 year old just started going here they have been great with him. We made the right choice with Dr G" - Shelly A.

"Seriously love this place! The staff are great people and great at what they do!(:" - Cortney M.

"We are so pleased with the family friendly environment at Dr. G's office. My daughter got braces put on today and they made her so comfortable through the whole process. We are so glad we chose them for our daughter's orthodontic care. I recommend them to all who are looking for a great orthodontist." - Lisa T.

"Very impressed by the great staff at Dr. G's office! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. My daughter had braces placed today and they did an excellent job making sure she was comfortable and well informed on how to take care of her braces. Would highly recommend this office" - Nicole M.

"Love how nice they are here. Everyone is super friendly and we are getting treated like family. Highly recommend :)" - Beth L.

"Great service super friendly staff. I would highly recommend." - Don L.

"Very impressed by the great staff at Dr. G's office! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. My daughter had braces placed today they did an excellent job making sure she was comfortable and well informed on how to take care of her braces. Would highly recommend this office!" - Nicole M. 







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