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Comfort in Braces

Is something about your braces bothering you? Don't worry, we can help.

Bracket and Wire Problems

What happens if I have a broken bracket?

If one of your brackets breaks, give the office a call and let us know what happened. We will typically extend your next scheduled visit to allot time to fix the issue. Unless the broken bracket is one of the back brackets that secure your wire, it's not a huge deal and it won't slow your treatment progress. If the bracket is loose on the wire and uncomfortable, remove it from the mouth to avoid swallowing the bracket. If the bracket is still securely tied into the wire, you may choose to leave it for aesthetics. If the broken bracket is one of the ones that secure your wire, feel free to clip the wire down to a comfortable size until we can repair the bracket. 

What happens if I have a wire poking me?

If the archwire has slipped out of the bracket, try your best to use your fingers or tweezers to reinsert the wire into the bracket. If the archwire is still in the bracket but poking out of the back, it's a good sign! Archwires appear to lengthen once space between the teeth close, thus making the wire feel longer. In this case, feel free to take a clean pair of fingernail clippers or wire cutters and clip the back wire. If you feel uncomfortable doing this, call the office and we can get you in for a comfort visit. Occasionally, you may have a metal tie on a bracket, and the tail of that wire may shift and poke. If a metal tie is poking you, take a firm, soft surface (like the eraser of a pencil) and direct the metal tie wire underneath the larger archwire so that it is out of the way. 

Soreness from Braces

My teeth feel sore and loose! What do I do?

A feeling of soreness or discomfort is normal in braces, especially after your initial bonding or after an adjustment. When you experience soreness, it means your teeth and their attached ligaments are moving in your mouth; it's a good sign of progress! For the soreness, you can take any over the counter pain medicine or apply a topical oral anesthetic, like Orajel. If you have discomfort while your teeth are moving, eat soft foods for the time being as hard foods may exacerbate the discomfort.

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