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Meet Dr. Ann Granicz


•    Undergraduate degree – Indiana University
•    Doctorate of Dental Medicine – University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine
•    Orthodontic residency and certificate in orthodontics – University of Nebraska Medical Center

Being an orthodontist means I’m surrounded by people who are actively choosing to change their lives. I appreciate the trust they place in my team and me, and we are committed to providing the best experience and a perfect smile they love!

I love how everyone brings their own experiences and stories to the practice and shares who they are with us. Those stories and our conversations create a bond that often goes beyond doctor and patient: They become my friends and I care about them personally. I want them to have healthy, happy, fulfilling lives, and to look back fondly at their orthodontic journey.

For me, orthodontics is the perfect blend of art and science, coupled with personal connections. I am grateful for the opportunity of being a part of our patients’ lives and it brings me joy to see how they transform during the treatment.

Often, patients start treatment feeling unhappy and insecure about how they look. They might have low self-esteem and avoid being around others. As they start to see the change in their appearance, I see them change before my eyes. Each person feels more comfortable with their smile, and in turn their confidence grows and they begin to blossom. By the time we finish the treatment, they’re almost a new person: brimming with personality; confidence and constantly smiling!

I’m passionate about constantly learning and staying current on advances in the profession. Orthodontics is evolving at a rapid pace, with new techniques, materials, and technologies being developed and made available. Through continuing education, I am able to assess each new option carefully and determine whether it’s something that will benefit my patients.

Throughout the year I complete many postgraduate courses and attend meetings, lectures, and seminars. Additionally, I am always looking for ways to improve patient experience by having our team training on a regular basis.

Beyond the Practice

Born and raised in China, I’ve made Bloomington my home for more than thirteen years. It is a privilege to serve Bloomington and its surrounding communities. I love the beautiful landscape and cultural diversities here.  I share my life with my husband Tim, our three daughters and three grandchildren.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, working out, cooking, writing poetry and traveling. 

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